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21, из Milan
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Hello everyone, it's Mattia from Milan, Northern Italy. I joined this website to get to know new people and improve my language skills. No short-term conversations or answers after ages. Long-term friendships only. Instagram: suggestmeanick_

35, из Oud-Turnhout
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Hi people, I'm Michel, a 35 years old guy from Belgium. I like to go to the gym regularly (at least 4 times in a week mostly), like to travel and meet new people, party with my friends,... It would be really nice if I can find some (travel)buddies here and meet new people all over the world... The other answers on my profile...

14, из Gerbstedt
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Ich heiße Anna, habe 2 Haustiere und wohne ich Deutschland. Wie man in meine Bildern sehen kann mag ich Fantasie Tiere und alles was mit Fantasie zutun hat. 💖 Pixel Bilder male ich in letzter Zeit auch mega gerne. My name is Anna, have 2 pets and I live in Germany.As you can see in my pictures I like fantasy animals and everything...

23, из Agadir

Hi! :) My name's Salah, I'm 23 years old and I'm from Morocco. I like reading, drawing, listening to music and writing. I'd like to meet new people from different places and get to know something about their country and their culture. I'm here mostly to improve my English, French . And I can help you with Arabic if you...

20, из Milan
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Hi there! I am Luca from Italy! I am here because i would like to meet people from all the world and know more about other cultures! I am currently studying at the University of Milan German and English languages and culture! I am really interested in every culture so don't be shy to contact me! My E-Mail is pajo99@tiscali.it and...

13, из
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Hey! I'm Leah, and I'm 13. I like sports, dance, art, photography, reading, baking, learning new things, practicing my ukulele, and animals. I also train in circus. I want to be a doctor when I grow up, or maybe a psychologist or a trapeze artist. I love meeting people and making friends, so feel free to contact me! My blog is...

16, из Lenzburg
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I love Billie Eilish, BTS,Little Mix and Camilla Cabeillo Aaand I lve the MCU and I am so glad that Spidey will stay I would love to have many friends around the world and hope to find some soulmates as best friends. I would love to get to know with any culture. My friends describe me as a cheerful personality. My little brother...

24, из
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Hi, Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, 你好 = Nǐ hǎo, こんにちは = Konnichiwa, Привет I love: - anime & manga - figure skating ⛸ - hummingbirds - pandas 🐼 - unicorns 🦄 - tattoos & piercings - music 🎵🎸🎹🎤🥁 - french, japanese, italian & mexican food 🥖🍙🍥🍜🍣🍕🌮🌯 - dancing💃 - watching tv 📺 - dogs & cats 🐶🐱 - cycling and...

38, из Sutri
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I'm a Psychedelic Man and a Rastaman!  I'm a Mystic Man and a great Pacifist! I'm an Idealist Man so I believe in a better world! Write me a message if you want!  PEACE & LOVE! :)  A quote from me: Don't appear,try to be unique! ;) Paul Golem

19, из
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Take a few minutes to read this . Its worth !!! I would like to improve my French and I would like to know some more friendly people like you 😉 You can also add me on Facebook (Omid Omid) or follow me on instagram (omido3) If you interesting 🤔 more to know me u can message your WhatsApp number to me 😁I know that I look...

19, из Munich
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Hey 👋, my name is Ariane,I am 19 years old and I live in a city near munich. In my free time I like to watch series and films, play soccer and meet my friends. In the moment I'm doing a Gap Year and try to find out what I want to do in the future. However I want to work on my bucketlist as well, so here I am searching for some nice...

30, из Metropolitan Borough of Wirral
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Hi everyone, I'm new to this site. (7th Dec). I'm just here to make some friends, it doesn't matter where you come from or anything like that. :) I'm Colin, 30, from England. I'd say personality wise I'm more of an indoors / introverted kind of guy. Some things about me - I'm a big Mass Effect fan, I'm an amateur historian...