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20, из Prague
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I am a French native who lived in France for eighteen years so I could help you in French with pleasure. I am also graduated of a double Master (HBO in the Netherlands and an MSc in Germany in the age of 19 ) I'm 20 now But my personality is not limited to my job or my degrees Within each of us lie the seeds of undefined...

14, из Gerbstedt
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Ich heiße Anna, habe 2 Haustiere und wohne ich Deutschland. Wie man in meine Bildern sehen kann mag ich Fantasie Tiere und alles was mit Fantasie zutun hat. 💖 Pixel Bilder male ich in letzter Zeit auch mega gerne. My name is Anna, have 2 pets and I live in Germany.As you can see in my pictures I like fantasy animals and everything...

21, из Milan
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Hello everyone, it's Mattia from Milan, Northern Italy. I joined this website to get to know new people and improve my language skills. No short-term conversations or answers after age. Long-term friendships only. Instagram: suggestmeanick_

20, из 't Veld
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Hello there ladies & gentlepeople, I'm very pleased to meet you. My name is Maarten, I'm twenty years old and I live in 't Veld, The Netherlands. I'm currently studying to become a teacher in elementary school and on weekends I work at a fastfood restaurant. My hobbies are reading books, watch movies and I like to listen to music. Send...

16, из Gerbstedt
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My name is Marie and I am 15 years old. Live with my family in Gerbstedt that lies in Germany. I also have a cat and a dog.

14, из
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Hi! My name is Anna, I'm 14. I'm from Ukraine  and I want to learn English and German. My Skype: Anna Yasinchak (you can just copy it) I like listening to music and reading fan stories (fanfics) I want to learn different languages and cultures and make friends with people from different countries.

17, из Hanau
Я люблю поговорить о...

Hi, I'm Serena, 17 years old and from Hessen, Germany. I like to talk about everything to be honest, but in particular about books, bands like the arctic monkeys, Marvel, poetry recommendations or generally how people feel. I'm always open for conversations and I'm a good listener. And I have nothing against some serious talk.

34, из Aarhus
Города и страны, которые я посетил

Traveling nomad Social Worker. Currently visiting US and Canada until christmas, then heading back to Denmark for a few months before re-visiting the UK and what happens from there we'll see

16, из Nederland
Кое-что необычное обо мне

Hi, I'm Laura and I'm sixteen years old. I can speak Dutch, English and a little bit French. I really like to improve on my French, but I also like to talk to people from different countries. I like to talk about books, music, movies, musicals series and a lot of other things. I’m trying to be as active as possible, but if you...

15, из Milan
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Hello everyone, I’ m Alessio (It is a shorter form of Alexander). I live in Milan even if my family is from Southern Italy, especially from Naples. I’ m keen on soccer, cycling, motor sports and I love traveling (I’ m planning a trip all over Europe for the next summer😅). The thing I desire the most is to be able to play the guitar...

19, из
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Hey, nice that you're doing a little break in my profile. My name is Luisa. I`m a 18 years old girl. I live in Germany near munich. I like to write Storys and poems, to sing and to swim. And I like to meet new friends from all over the world. I am happy to hear from you, have a nice day, Luisa (I wish all the good one all the...

58, из Mansuè
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AAA desperately wanted American, willing to teach me his mother tongue. My name is Sandra and I'm Italian. 😔 thank you very much!!!