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20, из Prague 165
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I am French native who lived in France for eighteen years so I could help you in French with pleasure. I am also graduated of a double Master (HBO in the Netherlands and an MSc in Germany in the age of 19 ) I'm 20 now But my personality is not limited to my job or my degrees

18, из Kyiv 213
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Hi, I`m Mykhailo you also can call me Michael I`m 17, I was borned at small Ukrainian town close to Lviv, now I study at Kyiv National University in history faculty Althought my pockets is full of nothing I`m full of dreams, ambitions and wish change this world and here I find peoples who I'd share my ideas with.

35, из Oude-Tonge 147
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I like to learn new people, diffirent cultures and like to travel. Like to have a penpal to write with like the old way... with pen and paper :) But a chat/text also ^^ Don't be hesitate and text me :)

23, из Hardebek 5
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Hallo an alle da draussen, hier bin ich. Ich habe Interesse an unsere Welt und möchte möglichst viele Menschen zusammen bringen. Hello everyone out there, here I am. I am interested in our world and would like to bring together as many people as possible.

22, из Kammlach 5
Города и страны, которые я посетил

I´m from a little village in Bavaria. Nothing interesting happens there, so I really like to travel. I love to travel to Italy. I just love that country. And I started to love Great Britain ever since I traveled there with School. I went to Antwerp, Brussels and Gent too ... I never expected it, but I loved it there. And I was...

16, из Brunssum 147
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Hiiii, im Naomi! I’m 16 years old and i’m from the netherlands! I’m actually Chinese but i live in the netherlands. I’m really excited to meet new ppl who wants to be my penpal ^w^. I love cutesty and artsy stuff! Hit me up if u are interested to be my penpal. I actually love anime so much (what a Total weeb i know shhhh). Anyway, I...

24, из Melbourne 16
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I am a 24-year-old guy currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I consider myself to be quite open to new experiences and hence get to be a part of some interesting adventures from time to time. I have a pretty wide variety of interests; particularly in music, movies, books, cooking, traveling, and fitness. Nowadays, I'm on a...

46, из Warsaw 150
Города и страны, которые я посетил

Uwielbiam wyjazdy i podróże. Byłam w Egipcie, Grecji, Włoszech, Hiszpanii, Francji, Austrii, Niemczech, Holandii, Danii, Belgii, Luksemburgu, Szwajcarii, Węgrzech, USA, na Litwie i Białorusi.

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Hello ! I'm Cyril, I'm 18 years old, I speak french and english and I'm interesting for meet people everywhere in the world to talk, share on the daily, ours points of view ... I'm more here on Facebook. My pseudo on Facebook is Kyrios Principium. On Discord, it's Kyriøs.#9496. I'm ready to talk with everybody !

18, из Enschede 147
Мой интерес к другим странам

I'm especially interested in languages and wanna master as much as possible, but that's gonna take a pretty long time from now😂😅. Besides, I'm pretty interested in traditions and food🙄😅.

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Навыки и умения

->->I CAN'T speak FRENCH <-<- Well... i dont really know what to write about that... maybe im ehm special in.... hmmm i am a triplet.... and i can read their minds😎😂 okay nope not that special

16, из Osh 97
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my name is Tina I was born in Kyrgyzstan I am 17 years old, I study English Turkish Kyrgyz Uzbek Russian language. I have a great interest in other peoples and cultures. I like making new friends . I don't speak English very well, but I don't want to stop there , I want to continue and speak English . love to read books . I don't have...