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  • Расскажите что-нибудь

    Hi, I`m Mykhailo you also can call me Michael
    I`m 17, I was borned at small Ukrainian town close to Lviv, now I study at Kyiv National University in history faculty
    Althought my pockets is full of nothing I`m full of dreams, ambitions and wish change this world and here I find peoples who I'd share my ideas with.

  • Города и страны, которые я посетил

    I haven't visited many places abroad in my life - I'll change this in future, I promise
    Untill this time I've visited a few incredible place in Poland as Korczowa, Budomierz, Mielec, Jaroslaw and Premyszl
    In Bulgaria that was a wonderful town named Balchik
    And there are many Ukrainian places I've visited therefor I ain't gonna list everything of them

  • Мой интерес к другим странам

    I wanna discover and travel over the world - from Amazonian jungles to the Caribian seaside. Althought, firstly I gonna visit Spain 'cause it's my kid's dream and I also should visit Australia because once upon at the chilhood I promised to play football with cangoo (ahahha, I was a crazy one)

  • Делаем мир лучше

    In my opinion the sharing is the best thing to make world better. We should share our opportunity and knowledge with each other. I wanna show my favour country to world, reveal with every good place, tradition and our great people's.

  • За границу на один год

    I can't stay in one place during a long time 'cause I get inspire from regular changes. I would changed countries to visit one time in two-three days. Ten of my imagine year-limited days I would spent for a Spain and five of them to visit Australia.

  • Мои достижения

    I mean I haven't a great achievement's list but as for me every lived day is a new achievement so my life is full of this small but actually important achievements. Don't think I'm a lazy one - I'm just a philosopher.

  • Я люблю поговорить о...

    There are no one theme I can't speak about. If people exactly wants to speak with me we really can speak about anything - from yesterday's football match to Black Holes troubles, althought I'd rather speak about match 😀

  • Испытания

    Find ourselves is the hardest challenge in our lives. We do this every year, every day, every minute, every moment we live. We do this during all the life.